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Courtney Lopes

Courtney Lopes

Business Support

About Courtney

Hey there! I’m Courtney, your ‘go-to girl’ at Impact.

With eight action-packed years in the recruitment industry, I’ve recently transitioned into a dynamic role providing essential support to our internal team.

What makes me tick? It’s the thrill of connecting people and seeing them thrive, whether it's in their careers or within our company's processes. My journey in recruitment was a wild ride, full of amazing people and incredible stories, and now I’m leveraging that experience to enhance our internal operations.

In my new role, I’m all about ensuring our team has the tools and support they need to excel. Whether it’s advising on hiring strategies, assisting with onboarding, or simply being a supportive resource for our colleagues, I’m here to make sure our internal processes run smoothly.

When I’m not busy providing top-notch support, you’ll find me enjoying family days at the beach, fishing, exploring the country, or unwinding with a pampering spa day (... In my dreams). As a mother of two, I cherish every moment spent with my family and love creating beautiful memories together.