Impact's strong core values are the backbone of the business
Impact's strong core values are the backbone of the business

Our Values

What's important to us

Our values are the driving force that pushes our team to create meaningful relationships, experiences and outcomes for the people within our networks.

No matter who we’re working with at any given time, our values push us to see past the paperwork and look directly at the person.

This is how we are changing the face of recruitment – by ensuring our values are relevant, empowering and entirely human-focused.

As a team, we all embody these values in our own unique way to truly make an impact.

Knowing what’s important to us helps us recognise what’s important to you.

Positive Impact - Impact HR Group
Positive Impact

Every person has their own story to tell and their own positive impact to make. We see our own responsibility in the work that we do with and for our clients, and we aim to use this power to create the biggest positive impact in their lives that we possibly can.

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Determined Spirit

Here at Impact, we share our determination to challenge the norm, to never give up, to be passionate and aim for only the best outcomes with all those in our network as determination plays a crucial role in career development.

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Be Proud

Having a strong sense of pride, passion and actually giving a damn about what we do is part of the reason people continue to trust us with their career connections. We help share that pride with everyone we bring into our network.

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Amaze Our Customers

In our line of work, it’s all about the people. Our #1 priority is building positive relationships with businesses and individuals throughout our network by consistently delivering outcomes beyond their expectations and providing an unparalleled first-class service.

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Playful Heart

We are certainly not afraid to have a laugh, share our excitement and celebrate victories as a team, as well as with everyone else in our network. We recognise the immense value that having a fun team environment brings to a business.

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Safe Keeping

Protecting ourselves and each other's health and wellbeing is of the utmost importance to everyone on our team. We always take safety seriously because we want to make sure the people we care about are kept safe and sound.