Impact HR Group works closely with you to help you build your winning team
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Our Services

Offering a range of services within the realm of HR

As a team of leading recruitment experts, our Sydney-based specialists work with job seekers and employers to connect them and create opportunities surrounding roles based in transport and logistics, warehousing and distribution, manufacturing and production, office support, customer service and call centres, sales, human resources, safety and more!

  • Labour Hire

    ​If you need skilled people to join your workforce on a short, medium or long-term basis, anywhere in NSW, you’ve come to the right place! We offer highly skilled individuals to...

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  • Permanent Placements

    Searching for the perfect permanent addition to your team? Look no further!Hiring a new permanent team member isn’t something to take lightly. We find talented, hard-working an...

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  • Safety Consulting

    When your Workplace Health and Safety protocols and processes could do with a little external expertise, we've got you covered!Our dedicated and highly experienced safety expert...

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