Impact HR Group partners with allied businesses which fit together like pieces of a puzzle
Impact HR Group partners with allied businesses which fit together like pieces of a puzzle


Working together to make an impact

To make positive change within the recruitment industry, we partner with amazing businesses that care just as much as we do.

We work with our partners to ensure the best possible service is provided to job seekers and employers within our network.

Through our partnerships with the wonderful organisations listed below, we aim to offer opportunities to the people and business we assist, while setting the standard for quality resources and information within the recruitment industry.

Our partners are just as passionate as us about building lasting career connections and driving exceptional recruitment outcomes for our people.

Impact's CEO Letizia Stanco with Street Uni
The Recruitment, Consulting & Staffing Association (RCSA)

The RCSA is one of the leading bodies in workforce solutions, recruitment and staffing across both Australia and New Zealand. By supporting businesses through standard setting, research and education, RCSA sets the benchmark for professionalism within the industry.

Ai Group

Ai Group promotes industry success to create a better Australia, and have been working with a range of businesses for nearly 150 years. They provide excellent assistance for businesses, including access to workforce development, support, and expert lawyers. 

Absolute Medical Response (AMR)

AMR aims to provide quality customer service and medical care in a corporate setting. Their focus is on-site medical assistance, industrial and sporting medical support, patient transport, and Workplace Injury Response Services. AMR responds to calls across New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, and South Australia.

The Street University (Street Uni)

Street Uni was founded in Sydney back in the 60's with a focus on the concept that “no young person is a write-off”. They offer programs tailored to the interests of local young people within the community, going so far as to involve these local young people in helping to run the programs themselves for their peers. They have helped thousands of young people move past drug problems, find housing, do better at school, start a new business or simply to find a community they feel comfortable in that will support them.

Humans United by Business (HUBB)

HUBB is a community of new and established business owners who come together to connect with each other, share knowledge and experience, facilitate referrals and networking opportunities and much more. Their mission is “to create the most effective business relationship factory on the planet” and we wholeheartedly support that sentiment as it ties in with our passion for helping to connect job seekers with businesses in a way that builds lasting relationships.

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