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Top 7 In-Demand Skills and Roles in Australia 2023

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Top 7 Skills Feb 2023

​Top 7 In-Demand Skills and Roles in Australia 2023

As recruitment specialists, we make it our business to observe job market trends across the industries and sectors we recruit within. Recently, we’ve noticed a group of seven skills and roles that are the topmost in-demand skills that companies need right now. Read on to find out what these skills are and why they are in the strongest demand relative to supply.

1.      Project Managers

As businesses continue to take on more complex projects, Project Managers are in high demand. Of course, the reasons for this differ across sectors, but as businesses continue to roll out projects that will help them take advantage of economic, regulatory and technological opportunities Project Managers are crucial to implementing much needed change.

2.      Office Support

Not only has demand for office support roles increased, but salaries are also on the up and up for these kinds of roles. The increase in demand for these skills can be largely attributed to more and more workers returning to office spaces, rather than working from home.

3.      Labourers

Our borders may have opened again but it’s going to take some time for General Labourer roles to be filled by migrants as we welcome them back into our ranks. Until then, these kinds of skills are in short supply, meaning employers are searching for talented, reliable, on-shore workers to combat the current skills shortage.

4.      Payroll Officers

Payroll is an area of employ that is consistently in high demand. Employers are always on the hunt for Payroll Officers with proven experience, an understanding of the industry and knowledge about the systems and processes used within their business.

5.      Boilermakers, Fabricators and Welders

Much like General Labourers, these kinds of roles are often filled by international contractors, however, with international borders having been closed for so long, employers are relying on local candidates to fill a massive number of roles.

6.      Forklift Operators

This is a crucial role within the logistics and warehousing sector. Without qualified and skilled Forklift Drivers, moving bulk materials and goods simply wouldn’t be able to happen. Ongoing labour shortages through 2023 are set to keep these roles in high demand.

7.      Truck Drivers

Much like the role of Forklift Operator, Truck Drivers need relevant licensing and experience. The scope of truck driving jobs is huge so there are always opportunities available and employers are always searching for drivers who take their credentials and safety seriously.

Finding and retaining the right people for the right roles is crucial to getting businesses through the current skills shortage. To finish up, here are a few tips for employers...

1.       Tailor your workplace propositions to meet your employee’s priorities.

2.       Consider offering flexible working arrangements.

3.       Provide employees with continual opportunities to learn, grow and develop their skills.

If you’re looking to work with an experienced team of recruitment specialists in 2023, get in touch with the team here at Impact today.