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3 Reasons Why the “Walkthrough” is Such a Crucial Part of the Recruitment Process

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3 Reasons Why The “Walkthrough” Is Such A Crucial Part Of The Recruitment Process 01

We’re not going to lie, as recruiters, sometimes it’s a struggle to find the perfect placement for every role, and vice versa. The often-overlooked "walkthrough" can help exponentially in these scenarios. A walkthrough is essentially a visit to the potential workplace by the candidate – an in-person (or video conference) experience as part of the recruitment process. Here’s why they’re so helpful...


1. Building connections beyond resumes and interviews

A walkthrough offers a chance for the candidate to meet their future employers and colleagues and get a proper feel for the workplace culture and whether they will be a good fit. On the other hand, employers can also evaluate the cultural fit, ensuring a harmonious integration of the candidate into the team.


2. Seeing the role unfold in real time

The traditional recruitment process, minus a walkthrough, often provides a snapshot of the job role. During a walkthrough, however, the candidate has the opportunity to see the role in action, the processes that are actually involved, and they’re able to ask more in-depth questions about their potential new role, fostering a clearer understanding of the task at hand.


3. Informed decision-making through comparative insights

Viewing multiple opportunities from a walkthrough perspective allows the candidate to better weigh the pros and cons of each role they are interested in to assist with decision-making. This comparative approach aids candidates in selecting the role that not only aligns with their skills but also resonates with their professional goals. It can also help candidates who might be feeling hesitant about a new role because they're nervous about leaving their current long-term position or for other reasons, to feel less worried about deciding to jump into the "unknown" by giving them a sneak peek at what they could be doing.


It’s clear to see that walkthroughs are a powerful tool in the recruitment process, creating a bridge between candidates and employers that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of hiring. Embracing the walkthrough is not just a trend; it's a strategic move towards ensuring a seamless and mutually beneficial match in the ever-evolving landscape of recruitment.


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