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What Are the Advantages of Temporary Employment?

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Unemployment, especially throughout and in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, has been at the forefront of both employees’ and employers’ minds. Temporary employment is a great solution for those seeking a change from their current occupation or for people who are in between jobs, especially those who have lost work for reasons relating to the pandemic. It’s also a win-win for employers who may not be able to commit to hiring new permanent staff members.

Due to the roles being – you guessed it – temporary, some job seekers are reluctant to accept this kind of opportunity but allow us to share some of the advantages of acquiring temporary employment. Who knows…it may be a fantastic option for you!

What is temporary employment?

Temporary employment usually involves a role that has no guarantee to eventuate into a permanent position and may only be necessary for a certain time period. The position can be seasonal, contractual, or casual. There are recruitment companies, like Impact, that specialise in finding temporary employment solutions for both individuals and businesses.

What are the main advantages of temporary employment?

Potential to lead to permanent employment

If a permanent role becomes available within your temporary workplace, you may have an increased chance of success when applying for the position. Temporary employment can help you to get a foot in the door of a company you may eventually want to work for full-time. Plus, you will gain experience in your chosen industry which could be another help in securing a permanent position.

Allows for versatile and varied skill development

Enjoying the flexibility of temporary employment allows you to gain a wide skill set. Employment in different companies and across different industries will help to broaden your knowledge and may better equip you in other roles.

Offers career flexibility and variety

For many, a good work-life balance can be difficult to maintain. In temporary employment, often the business is looking to fill a role quickly and are more likely to accept flexible working arrangements to fill the position.

Customise your resume for each new job with relevant previous temporary roles

Working in different positions as a temporary employee can be an asset when it comes to building your resume. It can help to fill gaps of unemployment, and it provides you with a variety of experience.

Opportunity to meet many new people and build your network

By working across different industries and fields in temporary roles, you are provided the opportunity to meet new people and network, which can be a huge asset if you’re vying for a more permanent position.

Where can I find temporary employment in Australia?

Luckily, Impact is here to help you. The team at Impact are always happy to discuss temporary employment options, so don’t be afraid to get in touch with us!