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How Is Impact More Than Just Another Job Agency?

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Welcome to Impact!

We’ve just revamped our website, so we figured the best way to start things off is to put together a little bit of a blog about who we are, what we do and why we do it.

What is Impact?

Impact is a Sydney-based labour hire and recruitment agency, partnering with businesses and job seekers to find the people they need and the jobs they want.

We specialise in industries that fall into the realms of transport and logistics, warehousing and distribution, manufacturing and production, office support, customer service and call-centres, sales, human resources and safety.

Sounds just like every other job agency out there, right?

Here’s where we differ...


What is the difference between Impact and other job agencies?

Our focus is entirely on impacting humans to help them achieve positive outcomes.

See how the word human is emphasised? There’s a reason for that.

We don’t see people as applicants or employers – we see them as people, as human beings. Our holistic approach to HR and recruitment takes into account so much more than just the industry or the resume. We look at the culture within a business. We look at the personality of the job seeker.

It’s not enough to simply match a resume with a job. You need to take the actual human beings behind each role and each application into account.

We also provide a high level of support to our field team while they are on site with our clients. We love stopping by for regular visits to help build friendships and make people’s lives better through work in general.

Initial placement is one thing, but it’s the follow-up and support that truly helps people shine.


What is the Impact team like?

Led by industry expert Letizia Stanco, the team at Impact have an abundance of experience between them. They’re friendly, approachable, personable and they’re not afraid to do the hard work to ensure each and every job seeker is placed in the best possible role for both them and their new team.

So, if you want to work with a HR and recruitment company that actually takes the time to get to know the person behind the resume or the human beings who keep the business running, reach out to Impact today by calling 1300 004 672.