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What Makes a Great Leader? The 5 Key Signs That Will Set You Apart

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What Makes A Great Leader  The 5 Key Signs That Will Set You Apart 01

What Makes a Great Leader? The 5 Key Signs That Will Set You Apart


As a leader, the success or failure of your team is a responsibility you shoulder. You must ensure your team is meeting deadlines and reaching goals to help the business succeed. Team leaders walk a fine line between the team and the business, making decisions that benefit both parties. Being a great leader will set you apart from the rest, and your team will reward you with a great working environment whilst happily hitting their targets. Here, we’ll be sharing 5 key signs that make a great leader in a workplace.




Communication is everything in a team-based environment and is a clear sign of a great leader. Effective communication provides an understanding to your team - they know exactly why they must do a certain task or meet deadlines and the reasons behind it.




If you’re passionate about what you do, it’s guaranteed to rub off on your team. Enthusiasm and passion are infectious, and your team will value how dedicated you are to being a great leader.




Everyone in a team is different and has unique strengths and weaknesses. Play to their strengths to watch them thrive. A great leader also understands their team on an individual level and provides support and compassion in times of need.




A great leader can think creatively to find solutions. Constant learning, as well as the understanding and improvement of processes allows great leaders to find alternative, more efficient solutions to achieving incredible outcomes with their team.




An open-minded leader is a great asset to any team. Being open to suggestions or feedback ensures the team is heard whilst also striving for solutions that benefit the business and team.



Being a great leader is vital in providing a team with the tools they need to thrive. When a team is efficient, hard-working and happy thanks to a great leader, the business will be sure to see success. These key signs will set you apart from other leaders, ensuring you and your team thrive and grow together.



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