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The Importance of Fostering Positive Company Culture

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The Importance of Fostering Positive Company Culture

Organisational values provide a framework for all individuals within the company to work towards and highlight what an organisation strives to achieve for both customers and employees. Clear values allow for employees to strive for the same goals whilst also assisting in shaping the company’s culture and vision. Employees understand the behaviour and culture that is expected and what will help them reach success, and when hiring new individuals, over 40% report that company culture is a determining factor when applying for a position. Many hiring managers are familiar with hiring for ‘cultural fit’, but to find the ‘right talent’ for a position, you need to have clear, defined company values that you stand for and ensure the candidate shares these values.  

At Impact, we have created a set of values that guide our hiring process and how we conduct ourselves in the workplace. It outlines who we are as a company as well as ensuring we find the right people who will embody these values at work.

Positive Impact

We treat everyone with respect, and we strive to embrace diversity and make a meaningful difference. We work hard to make a positive impact on the lives of our employees and those around them.

Determined Spirit

We never give up, and our determination gives us the courage to challenge the norm. We encourage our employees to stand up for themselves, be passionate, and be the best they can be. Determination isn’t a negative – it can make a positive impact on your workplace by fostering a safer and happier environment.

Be Proud

Give a damn about what you do. The more you care about your work, the more willing you are to work hard at it.

Amaze Our Customers

We aim to deliver incredible results whilst creating memorable connections with our customers. We all care about being treated well and receiving good service, so deliver what you want to see to others. At Impact, we strive to deliver the best service to both our clients and employees.

Playful Heart

It’s okay to have a laugh and some fun with your teammates, celebrate and be excited about their successes! Your workplace should be somewhere you love coming to. The more you connect with your co-workers, the more you’ll enjoy your workplace and create an enjoyable environment.

Safe Keeping

Protecting ourselves and those around us by valuing health and wellbeing in the workplace. Maintaining good safety practices will create a much happier workplace.

Ensuring employees understand and implement Company Core Values will not only create a more productive workplace, but it will also become a joyful place to be. Ensure to communicate workplace values to your current and prospective team, as it will allow for growth and the establishment of a much better workplace environment.