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What Does it Mean to Be a Leader, and How Can I Be One?

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Being a leader is often something we identify as an authoritative figure, such as a manager or a community leader. As a parent, you are considered a leader, as you try to steer your children down the right path in life, or as a sports coach or teacher, creating opportunities for children to grow and learn valuable life skills. Despite this, any individual can be a leader in their own way, even without the title of ‘leader’,by leading by example.

This is always important when it comes to safety. What bad habits you've learned or short cuts you’ve found could do more harm than good to the next individual that learns from you. Leading by example and showing others the right way to do things shows your leadership skills and allows others to strive to lead by example as well

Choosing not to look the other way is another excellent method of leading by example. If you see something that needs fixing, take the time to stop and fix it, rather than walking by and ignoring the issue. If you see a co-worker performing a task in an unsafe manner, show them the safe way to complete their task. By choosing to not look the other way, you could save someone’s life and reduce the risk of safety incidents in the workplace.

It is easy to be a leader by taking action and doing the right thing. By choosing to not look the other way, performing tasks safely, and ensuring others are also leading by example, we can promote a safe workplace environment. Being a leader is a state of mind, not just a title.