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5 Steps for Better Decision-Making at Work

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5 Steps for Better Decision-Making at Work

When we're bombarded with lots of important decisions, we are often so much less effective at making them. In a workplace environment (and often in general) mastering the art of decision-making isn't about making perfect choices every time; it's about making informed decisions with confidence. Here are our top 5 steps to help you clarify your decision-making process and kick goals in the workplace.


1. Define your objective

Clarifying your objectives helps to streamline choices and align actions with whatever it is you’re hoping to achieve. During this step, you should be asking questions surrounding the outcome you're aiming for in order to properly define it.

2. Gather information and options

Collecting information and exploring the options that are open to you surrounding the decision you must make is a great way to find possible alternative actions to getting there. It’s also a good time to consider the pros and cons, risks, and potential outcomes of each option you’re considering.


3. Consult and collaborate with others

Some people like to work solo, but some decisions can only be made well with the input of others, especially decisions that affect more people than just yourself. Seek insights from colleagues, mentors, or experts. Collaborative decision-making often provides diverse perspectives and innovative solutions.


4. Utilise decision-making tools

Have you heard of a SWOT analysis, decision matrices, and pros-and-cons lists. These are all incredible analysis tools to help aid in rational decision-making by providing structure to your thoughts and ideas.


5. Evaluate the choices, execute the decision and reflect on outcomes for improved decision-making in future

Assess the possible solutions and choose the one that fits best according to the information gathered in the steps above. Be decisive and confident in your decision but take time to reflect on the process afterward to learn and refine future decision-making.


Remember, you cannot possibly make the right decision every time. As long as you make an informed decision with confidence and use feedback and outcomes for future improvement, you're doing an amazing job!


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