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Creating a Positive Impact on an Unsuccessful Candidate

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Creating a Positive Impact on an Unsuccessful Candidate

 Recruitment can be daunting for both companies and applicants! It can be easy for a company to focus on only the applicants they are interested in employing, resulting in a potential loss of interest mid-process from applicants, and businesses can find their reputation is negatively impacted due to the sub-par recruitment process and lack of communication.

What can cause a negative impact on applicants and how can those concerns be addressed?

Applicants are often concerned during the application process due to many factors, such as no information provided as to whether their application has been received, a rejection notification with no explanation as to why, and even waiting weeks to months to hear anything regarding their application. It can be frustrating to never hear anything back!

By implementing a recruitment strategy, all applicants can be rewarded for the time they have spent during the application process. Communication is the main downfall of the entire application process and increased contact with all candidates, whether successful or not, will be rewarding for your business.

How can communication with applicants be improved?

Be honest and upfront with applicants

If you’re a few months away from interviews but want to begin the recruitment process, advise applicants of when interviews will be held so they don’t feel in the dark.

Transparency about what is required in the role

If an applicant requires an RSA certificate, for example, provide that information early to save time for the recruiters and applicants.

Ensure applicants feel valued

Many applicants aren’t thinking about all the applications that need to be sorted through when waiting to hear back from the company. Providing an acknowledgment that an application has been received and for their interest in the position can provide a positive impact on the applicant.

Technology has opened the doorway for businesses to receive hundreds of applications for vacant positions. Applicants no longer need to wait for a letter or phone call - communication can be instant! By implementing recruitment strategies that positively effect both business and applicant, companies will appear more favorable and show applicants their appreciation for choosing them as a potential employer.

Are you looking for help streamlining and improving your recruitment process? Reach out to Impact to see how we can assist your business!